WordPress custom post type

Here is a great resource for creating custom post types for wordpress. Use this to generate the custom post type code. The documentation is sparse, and its not entirely clear but its still pretty good.



Looking for a new piano

I’m in the process of learning how to play the piano so I’ll post my adventures in learning to play here as well. I’m a total beginner so stuff I write is full of inaccuracies.

The first challenge is to find a good digital piano. I live in a small apartment in NYC. I need a decent instrument, good/low price, small, and with a real piano feel. I’ve read great things about Yamaha Clarinova, but I’m not really sure of the model.

There are tons of digital piano review sites out there, but I like this one:

The writer seems honest about his opinions of the products and I like the full disclosure.


Bar code library

An iOS developer friend posted this on IRC #Scott

gholias I did a client app yesterday that uses a barcode scanner. if anyone needs in the future, let me know


absentia how was it — ok to use/integrate?

gholias incredible  easy. made me $2k in 2 hours of work

News lives

ME was a consulting business I had a long time ago. Now I’m rebuilding this as a site chronicling my development efforts.